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AMHF participates in the Sesquicentennial Anniversary of the Alaska Purchase

Mineral Resource Developement Prior to the 1867 Alaska Purchase - Thomas K. Bundzten

In November, 2017, using AMHF archived information and his own research, AMHF President Tom Bundtzen presented: Mineral Resource Development Prior to the 1867 Alaska Purchase during History Night at the 2017 Annual Convention of the Alaska Miners Association in Anchorage. The presentation coincides with the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Purchase of Alaska from the Russian Empire by the United States. Research for the lecture included 2017 visits to the Russian Geographic Society and the Russian Museum of Ethnology and History, both in St. Petersburg, Russia, to acquire information.

A version of that lecture entitled 'Mineral Resource Development Prior to the 1867 Alaska Purchase' has been published in: 150 Years—Proceedings of the 2017 Kenai Peninsula History Conference. The editor and convener of the Kenai conference was Shanna Loshbaugh of Fairbanks. The 313 page volume is available from Loshbaugh.

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For information concerning acquisition of this volume, please email Shanna Loushbaugh at A version of the mineral resource paper will be imported onto the AMHF website.

AMHF Looking for a New Home

The Museum facility at 825 1st Avenue in Fairbanks that housed the collections of the AMHF was sold by the owner. The AMHF vacated the facility on April 30th, 2018; the collections are in temporary storage. The AMHF has been inducting pioneers for the last 22 years at such venues as Fairbanks, Anchorage, Juneau, and Nome. For 3½ years, AMHF inductions took place at the Fairbanks museum facility. Firstly, we want to thank all of our volunteers and helpers for their support during the operations of the Fairbanks museum facility. The Board of the AMHF has been conducting a search for a new home. Please stay in touch.

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Anchorage historian Rolfe Buzzell discusses mining history at a reception at the AMHF museum during the 2017 Mining History Association's annual convention in Fairbanks.

at Ivory Jack's group

During 2014-2018, Ivory Jack's Fine Dining in Goldstream Valley generated income through the sale of pull tabs, which helped the AMHF sustain its programs, including the previously operated museum facility.

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