The Alaska Mining Hall of Fame Foundation is funded through donations of money, time and effort, and through sales at this Museum. The Foundation is a tax-exempt organization, so all donations are tax deductible.

Donations to the Foundation should be mailed to:

Karl Hanneman, Treasurer
Alaska Mining Hall of Fame Foundation
P.O. Box 81108
Fairbanks, Alaska 99708

The continued operations of the Alaska Mining Hall of Fame Foundation (AMHF)—a 501 c-3 non-profit-- is made possible from various income sources. Donations are graciously accepted. The AMHF would like to acknowledge individuals and organizations that have made financial contributions. These generous donations allow us to publish the Paystreak Newsletter, maintain this website, organize and carry out induction ceremonies Statewide, and especially pay for the expenses of the AMHF Museum in Fairbanks, which is being leased from Candy Waugaman. Contributions allow the AMHF Foundation to plan for future expansion plans and acquisition of materials.

We thank all contributors, regardless of the level of their donation, which are: Copper ($1-$99), Silver ($100-$499), Gold ($500-$999); '98er, ($1,000) and Platinum (>$1,000). Some of the more recent contributions have been in memory of legislator, and placer gold miner Robert Bettisworth, gold miner Walt Wigger, and mine educator Jim Madonna—who recently passed away. The AMHF especially thanks Teck Resources, operator of the Red Dog Zinc-Lead-Silver Mine, and the Bill f Foundation for their generous donations. Karen Erickson became our newest 98'er in 2016. Included below are those that have contributed to the Pick-Click-Give Program through October 31, 2016, as well as those that independently sent in donations to the Foundation via surface mail. One of our most important contributors is the man who administers this website, Clarence Griffin. We greatly thank him for the original design of the website and updating content over the years.

Here is a listing of recent contributors. A majority of donations at the Copper and Silver levels are from the State of Alaska Pick-Click-Give Program. Gold and Platinum levels generally constitute separate contributions. The 2018 donations list is current as of October 25th, 2018

Name Level of Contribution Dedication Date(s)
Don Gray Copper General 2018
Richard Hughes Silver General 2018
William Kinne Copper General 2018
Clark Milne Silver General 2018
Patricia Peirsol Copper General 2018
Michael Whalen Silver General 2018
Jason Brune Silver General 2018
Copper General 2018
Mark Hottman Copper General 2018
Parry Jameson Copper General 2018
Jerry Sadler Copper General 2018
Usibelli Foundation Gold General 2018
Jason Brune Silver General 2017
Patrick Dolphin Copper General 2017
Matthew Hanson Copper General 2017
Richard Hughes Silver General 2017
Sonny Lindner Copper General 2017
Clark Milne Silver General 2017
Jerry Sadler Copper General <2017/td>
Joel Stratman Copper General 2017
Terry Taylor Copper General 2017
Michael Whelan Silver General 2017
3 Anonymous Silver General 2017
Bill Stroecker Foundation Platinum General 2017
Usibelli Foundation Gold General 2017
Fairbanks Branch, Alaska Miners Gold General 2017
Lyndon Transport Gold General 2013
Teck Resources (Red Dog Mine) (1) Platinum General 2013
Doug Colp Family (1) 98er General 2013
Jason Brune (2) Silver General 2014
Malie Gray (2) Copper General 2014
Clark Milne (2) Copper General 2014
Peter Montesa (2) Copper General 2014
Jules Tileston (2) Copper General 2014
Six Anonymous (2) Silver General 2014, 2015
Usibelli Foundation (1) Gold General 2014, 2015, 2016
Candy Waugaman Platinum General 2015
Karen Erickson Copper General 2015
Alaska Women in Mining Gold General 2015, 2016
Brian Rogers & Sherry Modrow Gold General 2015
Marty K. Rutherford Gold General 2015
Karen Purdue Gold General 2015, 2016
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Thurman Silver General 2015
Karen Clautice Copper General 2015, 2016
Christine and Corbette Copper General 2015
Bill Brophy Copper In Memory of
Bob Bettisworth
Leo and Fredi Brown Copper In Memory of
Bob Bettisworth
George Horner-Trust Silver In Memory of
Bob Bettisworth
Sigwald and Arlene Strandberg Silver In Memory of
Bob Bettisworth
Laurence Peterson Gold In Memory of
Bob Bettisworth
Lisa and Milton Behr Gold In Memory of
Walter Wigger
David and Aldean Kilborn Silver In Memory of
Walter Wigger
Nathaniel May (2) Copper General 2015
Michael Whelan (2) Silver General 2015, 2016
Aaron Pfeil Copper General 2015
Clark Milne (2) Silver General 2015, 2016
Joel Stratman (2) Copper General 2015, 2016
Karen Lapp (2) Copper General 2015, 2016
Jeff Lapp (2) Copper General 2015, 2016
William Groom (2) Copper General 2015
Jerry Sadler (2) Copper General 2015
Matthew Hanson (2) Copper General 2015, 2016
Jason Brune (2) Silver General 2015, 2016
Patricia Peirsol (2) Copper General 2015, 2016
John Cook (2) Copper General 2015
Daniel Graham (2) Copper General 2015
Bill Stroecker Foundation Platinum General 2015, 2016
Richard Hughes (2) Silver General 2016
John Cook (2) Copper General 2016
Mark Hottman (2) Copper General 2016
Two Anonymous (2) Silver General 2016
Sarah Isto Silver General 2016
Tom Bundtzen Silver General 2016
Chris Olsen Silver General 2016
David and Heidi Doudna Gold General 2016
Karen J. Erickson (1) Platinum General 2016
Richard E. Wagner Copper General 2016
Harold Noyes Gold General 2016
Leslie Noyes Silver General 2016
Winston and Glenda Burbank Silver General 2016
Joseph and Victoria LeTarte Silver General 2016
Richard and Cherie Solie Copper General 2016
Debbie and Jeff Johnson Silver In Memory of
Walter Wigger
Helen Warner Copper General 2016
Laurence and Darlene Peterson Silver General 2016
John and Arlene Orbeck Copper General 2016
Lyman Family Silver General 2016
Ruth Ibbetson Silver General 2016
(1): Also listed as a '98er'
(2): From Pick-Click-Give Program

We will update the donor list above on a regular, albeit periodic basis.

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