In Memory

In Remembrance—Paul S. Glavinovich and Joseph E. Usibelli Sr.

The year 2022 brought to the Alaska Mining Hall of Fame Foundation sadness as two long standing board members passed away.

Paul Stephen Glavinovich (1939-2022) was born in Nome as the son of a dredge master operating gold dredges for the USSR&M Company. In 1961 He graduated from the University of Alaska School of Mines in Fairbanks with a BS Degree and later returned to the same institution for an MS degree in 1967. Paul has been active in Alaska’s mining industry since that time and devoted to the Alaska Mining Hall of Fame (AMHF) Foundation since its founding in 1997. He served as Statewide President of the Alaska Miners Association and was very active in mineral exploration projects throughout the 49th State. He was an important player in the early development of Greens Creek Mine, when he managed for Noranda Exploration, the operator of their successful exploration efforts. Besides reviewing and writing numerous biographic sketches of AMHF Inductees, Paul has been the anchor of the organization during induction ceremonies held in Anchorage, arranging for Board Meetings there and various induction ceremony venues. He leaves behind wife Jacqui, daughter Mikel Glavinovich, granddaughter Zoe, grandson Ryder, and son-in-law Damian Want.

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Joseph E. Usibelli Sr. (1938-2022) was born in a log cabin in Suntrana, Alaska, a coal mining center near Healy, Alaska. He was the son of Emil Usibelli, founder of Usibelli Coal Mine, Inc. After his father was killed in a mine accident in 1964, Joe Sr. took over the operations, which has been in continuous production producing steam coals for domestic Alaskan and international buyers more than 80 years. Joe was a beloved philanthropist that has been an outstanding representative of the Alaskan mining community. Joe built display cases for AMHF exhibits on the riverboat Nenana in Pioneer Park in Fairbanks. He was later involved in working with a small placer miner that leased placer ground donated to the AMHF in the Circle district. Joe Sr. provided ‘solid business advice’ on how to operate this non-profit organization. Joe leaves behind his wife Peggy Shumaker, his first wife Shelly Reed, their six children, and many grand kids.

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Both these individuals will be sorely missed.

Charles Caldwell Hawley

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In January of 2016, the Alaska Mining Hall of Fame Foundation lost one of its own—Charles C. 'Chuck' Hawley, after his long battle with Parkinson's Disease. Chuck was a founding Board Member of the AMHF and chaired the Honors Committee until his death. He was the central driving force for the selection of many inductees and wrote more than half of the biographies. We will miss Chuck's friendship, leadership, and compassion for Alaska's mining pioneers. In 2015, Chuck won the Alaska Historian of the Year from the Alaska Historical Society for his book: A Kennecott Story, which can be purchased from the AMHF.

Hawley plaque from Alaska Historical Society

Two individuals important to the AMHF passed away during 2012. Earl Hoover Beistline was the original President of the AMHF and served in that capacity from 1997-2003. He was inducted into the AMHF in 2007. David Guy Stone was a founding Director of the AMHF and was the organization's point man for researching pioneers from southeast Alaska. The leadership and vision provided by Earl and David will be hard to replace.

Photo of Earl Beistline Phonto of David Stone

Earl Hoover Beistline 1916 - 2012

David Guy Stone 1957 - 2012