Distinguished Alaskans Aid Foundation as '98ers

The foundation is a non-membership corporation that depends on services provided by its officers and directors, others interested in Alaskan mining, and on donations and grants.

The Foundation is especially indebted to 24 persons who have each contributed $1,000 to become 98'ers, in honor of the first stampeders to Alaska in 1898 at Nome.

The '98'ers (current through January 2017.)

Dr. Earl H. Beistline (d)
Thomas K. Bundtzen
Glen Chambers (d)
Douglas Colp (d)
Karen Erickson
Wendell Hammon Jr.
Dr. Charles C. Hawley (d)
Dr. Walter Johnson
Wallace McGregor
Neil McKinnon
Tom Mein
James Moody
John Mulligan (d)
Patrick H. O'Neill
Elmer E. Rasmuson (d)
Irving Stoy Reed (d)
William Stroecker (d)
Teck Resources
Dr. Robert H. Trent (d)
Mitch Usibelli
Joe Usibelli, Sr.
Candy Waugaman
Dr. William Wood (d)
Dr. Kenneth L. Zong
(d) deceased

Most of the 98'ers are recognizable as miners of national or international reputation. The late William R. Wood was President, Emeritus, of the University of Alaska. Dr. Wood suggested the organization of the Foundation. The late Elmer E. Rasmuson was an Alaska banker and benefactor, long interested in Alaska natural resource history. Dr. Walter Johnson knew many pioneer Alaskans. His research has taken him to Sweden and Norway in search of the true story of the so-called "three Lucky Swedes" of fame at Nome.