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Alaska Mining Hall of Fame Foundation -

The archive contains Paystreak issues current through November, 2018. Since 1998, the Alaska Mining Hall of Fame Foundation (AMHF) has conducted induction ceremonies in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Nome, and Juneau. For each of these induction ceremonies, a newsletter containing biographic sketches of the inductees has been produced.

Newsletters produced for the first two inductions in Fairbanks and Nome in 1998, did not contain a specific name and appeared as handouts during the ceremonies. Beginning in 1999, they became 'Paystreak' newsletters. A design of the Paystreak newsletter that first appeared in March 2000 (Vol. 2 no. 1) survives more-or-less intact to this day.

Besides biographic sketches of new inductees, the newsletters contain relevant Foundation news, locations of each induction, how and who conducted research, themes for each induction, and thematic chapters that relate to the induction ceremony. Users can track how the Foundation has evolved through time.

Biographic sketches that appear in the 'Inductees' pages of the website have sometimes benefited from editorial comments made by website users. In nearly all cases, the differences between biographies that appear in the 'Paystreak' newsletters and in the 'Inductees' pages of the website are minor.

Below are links to published issues in PDF format. Click them to read in your browser, or right-click and choose Save Link (or similar option) to save the file to your computer.

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