William T. (Bill) Ellis

(1947 - 2022)

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William T. (Bill) Ellis (1947-2022) was born in the California mining community of Grass Valley and grew up hunting, collecting rocks and inspecting many of the old gold mines of the area. He graduated from the University of Nevada-Reno with a BS in Geology in 1972. Prior to that, he served in the Vietnam War, where he received the Silver Star for bravery. After graduation, he worked in the Silver Valley of Idaho for Sunshine Mining Company, which helped launch his Alaskan career when Sunshine acquired claims in the Ambler Mineral Belt. Bill’s extensive 45-year Alaskan career was launched with Anaconda Minerals acquiring those assets as well as many others across the 49thState. Bill Ellis worked everywhere in Alaska for a variety of firms and explored for many metals, including gold, silver, copper, lead, and critical metals zinc, tin, chromium, platinum group elements, cobalt, and nickel. In 1999, he became a principal in the Anchorage firm Alaska Earth Sciences, serving as an important mentor for younger staff engaged in mineral exploration throughout the 49th State.



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