Alaska Mining Hall of Fame Members by Induction Groups

Anchorage, Fall 1997
Six charter members of the Alaska Mining Hall of Fame Foundation were previously elected into the National Mining Hall of Fame in Leadville, Colorado.

Fairbanks, Spring 1998
Induction Ceremony Honoring Early Yukon Basin Traders and Prospectors

Nome, Summer 1998
Induction Ceremony Honoring Pioneers of the Nome Gold Rush

Juneau, Spring 1999
Induction Ceremony Honoring Discovery of Juneau District

Anchorage, Fall 1999
Induction Ceremony Honoring Mining Pioneers of Southern/Southwest Alaska

Fairbanks, Spring 2000
Induction Ceremony Honoring Early 20th Century Interior Pioneers

Juneau, Spring 2001
Induction Ceremony Honoring Early Government Role in Mining

Fairbanks, Summer 2001
Induction Ceremony Honoring the Pioneers of the Large Scale Gold Dredging Industry of Nome and Fairbanks Districts

Anchorage, Fall 2001
Induction Ceremony Honoring Discovery of Flat District

Fairbanks, Spring 2002
Induction Ceremony Honoring Successful Miners and Engineers of Early 20th Century

Anchorage, Fall 2002
Induction Ceremony Honoring Immigrant Pioneers

Fairbanks, Summer 2003
Golden Days Induction Ceremony (also recognized during Fall AMA convention)

Anchorage, Fall 2003
Induction Ceremony Honoring Early and Mid-20th Century Placer Miners

Fairbanks, Spring 2004
Honoring Early Pioneers Associated with USSR&M Dredge Fleet

Anchorage, Fall 2004
Honoring those in the Mining Legal Profession, In Cooperation with the History Committee of the Alaska Bar Association

Anchorage, Fall 2005
Honoring the Discoverers and a Developer of the Platinum Resource at Goodnews Bay

Fairbanks, March 2006
Honoring Two Pioneers Important to both Canadian and American Mining Communities

Juneau, June 2006
Honoring the Mining Legal Profession In cooperation with the History Committee of the Alaska Bar Association

Anchorage, November 2006
Two Importand mining pioneers whor figured prominently in the development of mining in Alaska

Juneau, Spring 2007
Honoring an Outstanding Statesman and Mine Attorney Active in Southeast Alaska's Mineral Industry

Fairbanks, July 2007
Honoring Two of Alaska’s Outstanding Mine Educators

Anchorage, November 2007
Honoring Those Involved in Southwest Alaska's Quicksilver Mining Industry

Fairbanks, Spring 2008
Honoring Three Attourneys and a Civic Minded Woman Important to the Interior Alaska Mining Industry

Anchorage, Fall 2008
Three Pioneers Who Helped Bring Success to the Kennecott Mines in the Chitina Valley

Anchorage, Fall 2009
Four Pioneers Important to the Willow Creek Mining District

Fairbanks, Spring 2010
A Postal Inspector and an Accomplished Engineer

Anchorage, Fall 2010
Pioneers Important to the Seward Peninsula Gold Dredging Industry

Juneau, Spring 2011
Honoring a pioneer important to the Late 19th Century development of lode mining in the Juneau Gold belt

Anchorage, Fall 2011
Honoring Two Pioneers Active in South-Central Alaska Mining and Economic Development

Fairbanks, Spring 2012
Honoring Pioneers Important to Mid-20th Century Interior Alaska's Placer Mining Industry

Anchorage, Fall 2012
Honoring Mining Pioneers from the Innoko and Iditarod-Flats Mining Districts

Juneau, Spring 2013
Honoring Important Mining Pioneers of Southeast Alaska

Fairbanks, Summer 2013
Honoring an outstanding mining pioneer, educator and civic leader

Anchorage, Fall 2013
Honoring Three Important Economic Geologists with the United States Geological Survey

Fairbanks, Spring 2014
Honoring Alaskan Mining Pioneers with an International Background

Anchorage, Fall 2014
Honoring Important Contributers to the Kennecott Copper Corporation

Anchorage, Fall 2015
Honoring the discoverers of the Red Dog Zinc-Polymetallic Mine in Northwestern Alaska and a mining pioneer of Hatcher Pass.

Fairbanks, Spring 2016
Honoring Two Pioneers Associated with Alaska's Gold Dredging Industry

Anchorage, Fall 2016
Honoring Three Pioneers Associated with Placer Mining, Invention, Mineral Industry Management, Scientific Inquiry, and Public Service

Fairbanks, Spring 2018
Honoring Three 'Minority' Pioneers of the Alaska — Yukon Gold Rush Period

Anchorage, Fall 2018
Honoring Three Pioneers from Frontier Mining Camps

Anchorage, Fall 2019
Honoring Three Pioneers from the US Bureau of Mines

Fairbanks, Summer 2020
Honoring three pioneers associated with mining activities in Interior and Northern Alaska

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